My condolences to the 2 killed and 50+ wounded at Boston at the marathon finish line. May the cycle of hate end for the better, as I might be next (We were actually in the marathon)

Peace to all and hopefully no one starts pointing fingers again. I don't blame anyone for the bombing. I won't hate a whole country if a few of them decide they want to slander their people's reputation by violence. 

As we contemplate and grieve, we will start thinking "Who dun it" Trust me on this, and don't jump on the first scrap of info you hear. Don't let historical hate repeat itself.

I've always felt sympathy for those people out there without a safe country like America. The best military worldwide. Plenty of allies. And the nukes. 

As the leader of a country, it's very hard to make the moral choice over the choice that helps the country overall. Not every president and the administration is perfect. But as a citizen, you don't have to take propaganda to heart. 

Why hate the Vietnamese for killing your grandfather although you've never even seen or interacted with one? No one likes war or to kill anyone. If you guys let yourselves be influenced in the next few days and end up hating a race, a country, or simply a group of people, you're simply keeping the cycle of hate going.

I believe one day, this cycle can end. I don't know how, but I believe. 

Peace to the 2 souls who died in Boston,


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