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URW Wiki Community Blogs

  • Kristapz


    March 6, 2016 by Kristapz

    We have 400 articles in wiki. Let's keep them coming people!

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  • Veritas135

    Development Nutrition Low!

    November 10, 2013 by Veritas135

    After a long period of reasonably good nutrition reported on the UnReal World website, Enormous Elk is currently experiencing 'Malnourished' development!  If you have not already done so, please dona…

    Read more >
  • Lord Dalek

    Wiki suggestions

    April 22, 2013 by Lord Dalek

    I think that you should allow live chat on this wiki, it is a great tool for any and all Wikis, all my wikis have it, and it  really helps editors, by allowing them to discuss certain things, get to …

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Welcome to the UnReal World Wiki

UnReal World is a survival game set in Iron-Age Finland for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Current version: 3.30, the game is free to download.

A new mediaWiki for UnReal World has been launched:

The new Wiki is still heavily under construction and needs help with contributions. You can find info about Wiki standards and templates on the main page there, and also take a look at UrW forum thread about the new Wiki.


Cheating GuidesEdit


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