You start the game with 2-5 pieces of clothing, with a spear and/or knife or rarely a battleaxe, along with some dried or smoked meat and 2-3 loaves of bread. Also you can grab some of your fathers equipment, which generally includes random clothing of wool, linen, or leather varieties, a random spear, and some random foodstuff. Occasionally, a broad/hunting knife or a handaxe will be among his equipment.

The start of scenarioEdit

You are in a middle of a forest your father lies nearby, recently killed.The beast  (Lynx, solitary/pack of wolves, or bear ) who killed him is nearby but rarely within immediate sight. The player can either choose to hunt and find the beast (Not generally recommended, as the starter equipment is not incredibly suited for wolf or bear hunting), or loot (And cut up) your father and proceed.

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