A relatively useless skill. Given the fact punches and kicks can barely damage through linen clothing half the time, killing a small animal like a squirrel will take a very long time. Fighting an armed NPC, such as a Njerpez warrior, or a dangerous animal, such as a bear with kicks and punches is suicidal.


  • No weight
  • Unable to lose a turn because you drop your weapon in a fight (Whoever heard of dropping your fists and feet? Psh!) 
  • You don't have to wield anything (Use the 0 key to kick, 9 key to punch)
  • You ALWAYS have your fists and feet.
  • Kicking small animals in the head is an effective way of keeping their skins intact if you do not have anything better to hit them with.
  • Sometimes something has annoyed you enough that you just want to slowly beat it to death.


  • Very weak blunt damage with little impact (Your weapon weighs nothing, and impact depends on the weight of the weapon and accuracy of your attack)
  • You receive no attack or defense bonus
  • It's impossible to block and counter-strike


  • Unarmed should only be used when you manage to knock small animals unconscious and just feel like kicking the brains out of it. It takes several kicks for larger animals (including humans) to the skull for a kill. 
  • Upon dropping a weapon and having no other weapon, picking the weapon back up and wielding it is suggested. Punching or kicking your opponent only wastes time and effort and gives him/her a chance to injure and kill you.
  • Reducing your unarmed skill in character creation and using the points for other skills isn't a bad idea. Unarmed is rarely used, and if it's the only thing you have, then you're dead anyway.
  • Training Unarmed is like any other skill, you have to punch or kick something. If you really want to train it (not suggested) consider beating a domestic animal (you animal abuser) or a companion to death in an enclosed area. Depriving the companion of clothes, armour, and weapons is recommended.
  • Punches do less damage than kicks, so more can be thrown at a single (helpless) target for training before it is lightly bruised to death.


  • You can still punch and kick with either your hands or feet disabled (almost cut in half, broken, etc)
  • Strength does nothing to increase the damage done when punching and kicking.

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