The various trees of Unreal World

Trees are located throughout the Unreal world. They are essential to the players survival as they give much needed building materials and fuel for fires. There are a variety of trees that supply different materials. Some supply slender trunks, others provide differing branches. Younger trees always give slender trunks rather than full tree trunks.

List of Tree TypesEdit

Spruce TreesEdit

These appear as a typical 'Christmas tree'. They can be found sparsely located throughout all of the forest types but do form large spruce forests. Small spruce trees look very similar and are often hard to differentiate. Cutting branches from these trees will result in between 10 and 20 spruce twigs.

  • Young
  • Adult

Alder TreesEdit

These trees appear as grey trunked trees. When using the timbercraft skill, it is possible to cut a sheet of bark which can be used as an alternative to fat when tanning hides. These are very similar to Rowan trees in appearance.



Alder trees (and Rowan trees) are mostly located in Grove forests but you will find them in Backwoods forests as well. Both types of trees yield only slender tree trunks.


Typically only found in villages. This kind of tree will only yield slender trunks when cut down.


Remaining TreesEdit

All remaining trees act in the same way. They all have sappling versions which yield slender logs, and they all give normal branches when applying the branch cutting survival skill.

Pine TreesEdit

  • Adult
  • Adult
  • Young
  • Young
  • Forest

Rowan treesEdit


Rowan tree

Birch treesEdit


Birch tree

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