The trap pit with sharp stakes is a very useful trap. It not only immobilizes the animal or NPC trapped like a trap pit, it also inflicts devastating injuries. It may even outright kill humans, like Njerpez, or animals like wolves or even bears.

Always be careful not to step on them. Even if they don't kill you instantly (and they sometimes will), they will still at least inflict serious bleeding wounds.

To make a trap pit with sharp stakes you need a shovel, 6 wooden stakes, 10 branches and 10 spruce twigs. Spruce twigs can also be used in place of the branches, although this has been changed in the upcoming version, 3.15b. When something is caught in it, simply reset it. Because of their lethality, they are often used in trap fences .

One known disadvantage of these traps is that because the sharp stakes inflict piercing injuries, they will tend to damage the hides of animals caught in them.

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