Tracking is the skill used to find animals and other wandering humans on the wilderness map, especially when hunting.  It provides a passive chance to locate a trail as you travel, and you can actively search for tracks by pressing [Alt+T], or going through the [S]kills menu.

When standing over a track in the zoomed in map, you can find the direction of the tracks by using this skill. Sometimes the animal pursued will have walked in a circle, making it hard to determine the final direction. The older a track is, the more faded the track will seem.

The tracking task of the Living in the Wild course gives a boost to this skill.

Track freshness is represented as follows:

  • Very fresh (animal is nearby)
  • Quite fresh
  • Fresh
  • An hour old
  • Some hours old
  • Half a day old
  • Day old
  • Few days old
  • Old

Tracking also seems to identify good fishing spots when standing in water or on a punt or raft, indicating that the water is still enough to see your own reflection or that something may be moving around underwater.