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Tools are items that make one's life easier. Some tools can be [a]pplied, others are used in making new items

List of known toolsEdit

For use in making itemsEdit

  • Cord. This can be used when the object requires 'Tying Equipment'. It is not, however, a replacement for rope.
  • Rope. This is required for some of the heavier items, such as rafts. It can also act as a leash for animals.

Tools you can makeEdit

  • Sesta. This can be used to move a raft or punt, however only in shallow water near to the shore
  • Paddle. This can be used to move a raft or punt. Unlike the sesta, this can be used in deep water and rapids
  • Torch. This is essential for exploring caves as it will provide light.
  • Cords and ropes as above. Making cords is simple and all fabrics (skins and clothes, etc) can be used. Making ropes will require leather skins (not clothes).
  • Various traps such as loop snares and fox traps. The advantage of these traps is that they can be prefabricated and simply applied into position.
  • Skis and Ski sticks. These will decrease the fatigue experienced by moving around in the snow.

Tools by trade (or otherwise)Edit

  • Shovel. This is required to use the agriculture skill. This can also be used to dig holes, which can be used to make traps, such as trap holes.
  • Fishing rod and nets. These will make catching a fish more likely when using the fishing skill. They are, however, not a requirement. You can also obtain a fishing rod for free when proceeding 'Living in the wild.'
  • Candles and lamps. These can be used like the torch, but will last for much longer. Unfortunetly the lamp will require oil, which can be hard to come by.
  • Hunting Horn. This is listed as a tool. It is hard to find in the unreal world, and has no apparent use. It is rumoured to increase the chance of meeting animals, but there is no evidence for it. It cause your hunting dogs to stand still for several turns, but it still need experimentation on how many turns and the range it works at.

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