Tibmercraft skill is used to perform these tasks:

1. Fell a treeEdit

This task is (comparing to other timberwork tasks) mostly used since if you want to make fire, to build house, fence etc. you firstly have to fell trees down. To fell a tree you need an axe, preferred woodsman axe. Tree trunks are required for many things: blocks of wood, boards of wood, logs and raft.

2. Chop felled tree into blocksEdit

This task is used for chopping big tree trunks into blocks of wood. Preffered axe is Woodsman's Axe. Each trunk blocks into 8 blocks of wood. Block of wood are needed if you want to make wooden bowls, cups and firewood.

3. Split firewood from a blockEdit

This task is used for splitting blocks of wood to firewood. Each block splits into 20-24 firewood.

4. Carve trunk into a logEdit

This task is used for carving a big tree trunk into a log preffered Broad Axe

5. Split a trunk into boardsEdit

This task is used for splitting big tree trunks into boards. Each trunk splits into 20 boards.

6. Peel bark from a treeEdit

This task is used for peeling bark from a tree. It produces 3 lbs of bark. Note that this task can only be used with alder or rowan trees.

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