This article is a candidate for deletion.

To steal from a shop, simply load one object onto your cow which is on a leash. Position the leashed animal over the object you want to steal and press ; (unpack) and select the animal. Select the object you wish to steal. A barter window will open. Exit the window, notice now that the object has been loaded on your animal. To retrieve it, leave the shop and unpack your animal.

EDIT: From the lack of proper engine support, I wouldnt call it a legitimate activity that is intended from the start. More like exploit a bug in game's engine.

Author of this article: This is a valid exploit and until it is fixed it ought to remain in the wiki.

Edit+, from Veerserif 08:38, May 13, 2010 (UTC): This exploit is already mentioned in the Exploits page. Please refrain from further adding to this article.

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