There are 11 stats, two of them being linked to your character's personality and nine are part of his/her physical profile.

Personality Stats Edit

Physical Stats Edit

Size Stats Edit

The character's stats are used to calculate how much each skill point will increase a skill's mastery level during character creation and when allocating additional skill points in-game as one of the possible game course completed rewards. Another possible reward is to increase one of the stats; this is the only way to improve any of the stats.

The stats range from 0 to 18 and are rolled during character creation. Different cultures have different/narrower ranges for certain stats, e.g. Kaumolaiset rolls in the range 6 to 18 for Agility while Driikiläiset rolls in the 1 to 16 range. This enforces the differences between the different cultures.

Most of the stats, excluding Strength and Speed, seem to be calculated as follows: min(offset + 3d6, 18) where offset is a culture-specific value (for Agility it would be +3 for Kaumolaiset and -2 for Driikiläiset), 3d6 is the sum of three six-sided dices, and the function min(A, B) returns the lower of the two numbers.

How Strength and Speed are calculated is harder to tell. While their respective frequency tables show similar bell-shaped distributions as the other skills, i.e. sums of multiple random values, these patterns are not consistent with a 3d6 distribution. One theory is that these two stats have additional dependancies, for instance frame, height or weight.

To complicate matters further, either the pseudo-random number generator used is unevenly distributed, re-seeded for each re-roll, some lossy type conversion is performed or the application gathering the statistics is flawed. This applies to all the stats. This has no practical implications for the players, though.

Capping the stats at 18 while using offsets greater than 0 (assuming each die is 1-6 rather than 0-5) may result in 18 being more common than 17, even though 17 is less common than 16, 16 less common than 15 and so on. With a large positive offset 18 is actually the most common result, e.g. you are more than twice as likely to get an Eyesight score of 18 when playing as an Owl-Tribe member than a score of 15 which is the second most likely for this tribe.

Additional initial stats data & coparison of cultures

Intelligence, Will, Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Agility, Speed, Eyesight, Hearing, Smell/Taste, Touch, Height, Weight, Physique

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