The Unreal World - Start playing at the middle of a wide, unfamiliar wilderness.
The Village - Start playing outside a strange but cosy-looking village.
Runaway Slave - Having been slave to Njerpezit for years you finally take a step to escape from your captors.
Unfortunate Hunting Trip - Your father lies dead on the ground and the beast who killed him is still present.
Lonely Settler - You find yourself alone on foreign ground with two unfinished cottages.
Hurt, Helpless and Afraid - Wounded and left for dead, you struggle to survive in the wilderness.
Traps and Trapping - You start playing fully equipped with the tools for passive hunting.
I Want to be a Fisherman - Carrying extensive fishing equipment you start to follow your path as a fisherman.
Abandoned Trap Fence - You find an old trap-fence in the wilderness.
Abandoned Camp - You find an old camp with firewood, shelter and useful items.
Agriculture - You posses some valuable seeds and are ready to try out your agricultural skills.

There Be Robbers! - You encounter a band of ruffians in the wild

Not All Who Wander are Lost - You set out into the unforgiving wilderness with a four-legged companion.