Got a stag

A stag fell into a pit trap

Stags are male elk. When killed, the Stag yields 15-20 lbs of Stag Skin, around 1. lbs of fat, and 400-500 cuts of meat. Stags are the absolute largest animals in the Unreal world, outweighing their female counterparts and bears by enough that even the smallest stag carcass is basically immovable without the assistance of a raft or punt and a body of water. Much like elk, they will occasionally attack with kicks or raking with their antlers.

In the more recent version, stags yield less meat but provide roughly 24 lbs of skin, more than enough to make a basic set of clothing.

In Real Life Edit

The stags and elk referred to in Unreal World appear to be the Eurasian elk, commonly known as moose in North America.

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