The staff is the most basic spear weapon, capable of only weak Blunt attacks. While it can inflict minor bruises, poke holes in the ice and slap at fish, its primary use is in crafting. If nothing else is available, it can perform surprisingly well thanks to its above average defensive and offensive bonuses compared to other improvised weapons. Like the club, it will generally leave hides intact when used to kill an animal.

A simple wooden pole, the staff is a common item used to make many other things. Using the [M]ake menu, it can quickly and easily be carved from a slender tree trunk using a cutting weapon. The best tool for this task is a handaxe.

Blunt Edge Point Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Weight Value
3 N/A N/A Good Decent 4 lbs 2

"Just a wooden staff usually about three feet long."

- Game Encyclopedia

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