- For the weapon item, not the category, see spear.

A spear is a weapon composed of a pole with a blade at one tip.  When using a spear to attack, the player character's Spear combat skill determines the damage done to the target.  Spears can also be thrown.  The effectiveness of spears as both standard melee and ranged weapons is diminished but the fact that they can be used for both makes them very flexible weapons for hunters.

There are many different weapons in the spear category, including the staff and hard staff, which are only capable of dealing Blunt damage.  Most types of spear can be found wth quality ratings bewteen crude and masterwork, although northern spears, Kaumolais spears and angos may be available in standard form only.  All but the lightest spears require two hands to wield them properly.

Spears cannot be used as cutting weapons in crafting, but they can be used for fishing.  Though not as effective as a fishing rod or nets, a character with a trident and decent Fishing skill could potentially keep themselves fed.  The northern spear can also be used as a ski stick.

The player can make the staff and the javelin from few raw materials.

Item Blunt Edge Point Weight
Ango 3 N/A 8 8 lbs.
Hard Staff 4 N/A N/A 5 lbs.
Javelin 2 N/A 6 3 lbs.
Kaumolais Spear 4 4 8 7 lbs.
Light Spear 1 4 2 4 lbs.
Northern Spear 4 N/A 8 7 lbs.
Small Trident 3 N/A 4 5 lbs.
Spear 4 N/A 7 5 lbs.
Staff 3 N/A N/A 4 lbs.
Trident 4 N/A 5 6 lbs.
Wide Trident 4 N/A 6 8 lbs.

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