Sorrel is a kind of herb, commonly found in settlements and other clearings.


Sorrel can be harvested and threshed for seeds which can be planted. Based on its effect, sorrel make for an effective  seasoning for cooking, but has no healing factor save for allowing a starving character to eat more continuously.

Carbs Fat Protein Produces Growing time Growing months Found in
2 0 2 Leaves, seeds 50 days June-September Cliff,Meadow,Settlement, Clearing

Herb effectsEdit


Sorrel is an:

  • appetizing
  • refrigerant

In real lifeEdit

Field sorrel

A photograph of red sorrel.

Sorrel could be based on "common sorrel" Rumex acetosa, but given the in-game picture of tall stems with red flowers, it is more likely to be based on Rumex acetosella, known as red sorrel or field sorrel. Red sorrel is edible and has a tangy, lemony taste.

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