Blunt Edge Point Attack bonus Defense bonus Weight Value
2 3 5 little very little 3 lbs 344

The skramasaksi is a weapon also known as "power-knife" since it is mainly used for combat.

Skrama1 670

A Skramasaksi

It can be rarely found in Sartola's shops, and on Sartola's tribesmen. Strangly, the skramasaksi can also be found in the possession of Kaumolais hunters and woodsmen.

Also known as the "power-knife", "väkipuukko" in UnReal Language. "Väki" could be translated as "power" and "force", specially in the meaning of vital force connected with supernatural powers. The skramasaksi has a blade as long as 8" long.

- Game Encyclopedia

-- I've just found a fine one. So at least they do exist in more than normal quality.

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