Blunt Edge Point Attack bonus Defense bonus Weight Value
N/A N/A 6 None None 2 lbs 40


To craft a shortbow you need a board, an axe, some tying equipment (a cord or rope) and a knife.

Shortbows are considerably more effective than primitive bows, but their effective range is much lower. Sneaking up to within 6-8 tiles of target will give you the best chance of hitting your target with a good leg shot, making the ensuing chase much easier.

Shortbows are an excellent item to use as a trade good once you have established yourself, at twice the value of fox traps and a lower weight for only slightly more materials.

Any bow less than four feet high. They are most common among tribesmen and are made from bone, metal, or composite hardwoods, and are often recurved.

-Game encyclopedia

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