Shelters are created through the use of the Survival skill, and require 3 Slender Tree Trunks, and 20 Spruce twigs. Often, you may find yourself without spruce trees nearby, so it could be a good idea to collect 20 twigs upon finding a spruce as they weigh a negligible amount. Shelters will protect the player from rain and help them retain additional warmth while they sleep.

It is suspected that shelters are also visible to enemy Njerpez warriors, so creating them to rest near war camps may be a bad idea. Shelters can be used as a reagent in drying meat or fish with the Cookery skill.

Bear in mind that Shelters generate a blind spot on the northern side, so be careful of enemies sneaking up on you. Try to build shelters where there is no access from the North. This also can be used to create one-way viewing walls, feel free to experiment. 

Shelter can be counted as one of three building structures needed to build Floor and Ceiling.

Game Info/Tips for SheltersEdit

You can currently use a Shelter to Dry food (might be considered an exploit)

If your Shelter doesn't appear on the Big Map, you might be on a water map tile. Therefore you should relocate a little inland to a land tile -from plotinus on the Forums.

A Shelter on lake map will make a shelter icon appear on the tile next to it instead of the lake map. This will affect the settlement right next to the lake, and can be fixed by destroy the shelter. This is a bug that persist until v3.18.

Real-life Instruction VideoEdit

"Long Term Survival Shelter"Edit

by NorthSurvival
Longterm Winter Survival Shelter

Long term survival shelter instructional video

Jan 15, 2012

"This is a video on how to build a long term survival shelter as the Swedish army often use, this shelter is great at capturing the heat from the fire and make it warm and comfortable when you are sleeping in it."

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