Sheep are common domesticated animals, although they are not found in the north. They can be milked and killed for fur and 69 sheep meat cuts. They can carry 38 lbs, it is less weight than a cow can carry, still sheep are only marginally cheaper. They cost 38 cuts of meat, the same as a pig. In version 3.14 it costs around 80 cuts of meat.
Kiesse sheep pen

Kiesse sheep pen

Cultures with sheep pens:

As of 3.15 sheep now come in 3 sizes (possible to grow?) All can give milk.

Along with ewes, rams can also be found. While they cannot be milked, they are slightly larger on average and will sometimes attempt to (somewhat poorly) defend other sheep if they are attacked by predators.

Name Carry Weight Items Yielded
Small sheep 28 lb.

24(varies) sheep cuts, fat(<1 lb.),

Sheep skin(4 lb.)

Sheep 37 lb.

32(varies) sheep cuts, fat(<1 lb.),

Sheep skin(4 lb.) 

Big sheep 44 lb.

41(varies) sheep cuts, fat(<1 lb.), Sheep skin(4 lb.)