Name Poison Safe after blanching? Growing seasons*

Where? (Biome, Tree Types)

Sand mushroom Deadly NOOO June-October
  • ConfierousForests,Heathland,PineForests
  • None

Sand mushrooms mature in sixty days. Do not harvest these mushrooms, as sand mushrooms are still deadly after being blanched and can not be eaten safely. Sand mushrooms can be confused with the edible browncoat mushrooms, as well as soft mushrooms, which can be eaten after blanching, so take care when harvesting these other mushrooms.

They appear on suitable maps twenty-five percent of the time. They can occur in single groups of up to three mushrooms, with a maximum of ten mushrooms per local map.

This is the Unreal World version of a pill of Cyanide. If nothing else, they can be used for general sacrifice or thrown into fires to extend their burning time if enough are collected.

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