Reemiläinen VillagesEdit

These villages are made up of wooden buildings, several shops, and some animal pens. You can trade with the local hunters for hunting and trapping gear. There are many fields near a village. Settlements may be very large (or very small), including 3-4 individual villages. They can be found only on Inland maps (to the southeast).

Shop Types: Tool, Bow, Food, Fish, General

Playing a Reemiläinen Character

Possible Starting Rituals:Sacrifice For a Newly Killed Animal, General Sacrifice, Fisherman's Sacrifice for a Catch, The Origin of Fire
Possible Starting Equipment:Knife, Axe, Bow, Staff, 3-5 Clothing, 2-4 Bread, Meat
Starting skills Bonuses: Hideworking, Club
Starting skills Penalties: Low Spear, Trapping, Swimming, Flail,

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