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Complete v3.18 price list:


While the value of most items has remained stable across game versions, the prices of some craftable items has changed a lot in recent versions. In particular the price of torches, which were high enough to make them a common currency in v3.14, has dropped so dramatically in version v3.16 that it was worth writing a new price list entirely. The old price list, up to v3.14 is here.

The "value" of an item is a number of cuts of some canonical meat (but actual meat value depends upon the animal kind). Popular currencies in current v3.16 are cuts of meat, wooden bowls and fur footwear (worth 12 bowls).

In v3.16, the only situation where it's worth crafting torches is if you have neither knife nor axe: you'll need around 55 torches to buy a small knife, and twice as much to buy a knife.

In v3.18, Prices haven't been reevaluated yet. I propose to test value against Arrows so Buying 3 Arrows = 1bowl*2/3 (I'm tired so I cant do that math right now)

  • note Woodenbowls value is it's Sell to vendor value 
  • note Arrow Value is the value to Buy from Vendor, otherwise its S before the value Ex: for Knife buy it for 12 arrows

Quality ModifierEdit

Default Quality

1.0x Value

Fine 1.25x
Masterwork/Perfect 1.5x


Item Value Price (wooden bowls) Notes
Cord/Stone Axe 0.8 0.1
Club/Staff/Javelin 2 0.25
Arrow 4 0.5
Wooden bowl 8 1
Board 8 1
"Käpälälauta"-fox trap 8 1
Bag 24 3 (empty grain/flour bags)
Raft 32 4 Best value for 3 tying equipments
Fur hood 32 4 second best value for fur (1.1 lbs)
Leather shoes 40 5 best value for 1.5 lbs leather
Shortbow 40 5
Fur footwear 96 12 best value for 2.8 lbs fur
Fur leggings 208 26 (v 3.16)

Note that Quality impacts the price: rough/harsh items are worth half the value.

Javelins are trade-worthy, although their value is about the same as the staves from which they are made, so they are a poor trade good. The above information is likely a false-positive which stems from crude quality (reduces value to 0), or attempting to purchase an object whose value is 100+ times that of a single javelin, which causes merchants to balk. This is circumvented by offering the item in bulk.


Fish is worth between 0.05 (Roach) to 9 (Pike-perch), depending on its weight and nutrition.

Fish value ArrowValue comments
Roach 0.05 0.1 1Arrow=10roasted Roach
Perch/Bream 0.25 5Arrows=14tasty roasted Perch
Burbot 1.5
Lavaret 3
Pike 4 1.66 10Arrows=6roasted pike
Trout 4.5
Salmon 6
Pike-perch 9
Meat value ArrowValue comments
General Price of Meat Cuts 1?
Squirrel Cut 0.17 Buy 1arrow for 2raw need 3x more
Reindeer Cut
Stag Cut 0.35 10arrow=29 tasty roasted stag cuts 
Bear Cut
  • ArrowValues as of v3.18

Individual meat cuts are worth around 1, depending on the sort of meat. For instance, bear meat is more valuable than reindeer meat.

State of Meat/Fish value shell life
Raw x1
Roasted 3days
Salted 6days
Smoked 40days
Dried x1.5? 120days-1year?
  • Currently unknown if the taste of the cooked meat changes its price (ex/ tasty; delicious) Taste does indeed affect value. See Quality.

Item Value Price (wooden bowls) Notes
Bag of rye grains (12 lbs) 32 4 flour, seed porridge
Bag of barley grains (12 lbs) 36 4.5 flour, seed porridge
Bag of rye flour (12 lbs) 80 10 flatbread, some soups
Bag of barley flour (12 lbs) 88 11 flatbread, some soups

Common Tools and VehiclesEdit

item weight value wooden bowls ArrowValue notes
Paddle 3 buy 1 paddle for 10 roasted Roach
Fishing rod 1 4 0.5
hunting horn 8 1 "you produce a fancy sound" (totally worth it!)
Cord 0.8 0.2 1arrow=5cord
Rope 8? 1 tying equipment
Skin <1 16 2 4approx soup/water container, trade by talking to hunter in village
Punt 30 96 12 Used to travel on water
Shovel 4 120 15 30 trap pits, agriculture 
Net 4 144 18 Used for fishing
Pot 224 28 Used for cooking
Bag of Salt (12 lbs) 288 36 Used for preserving food

Uncommon ItemsEdit

item weight value wooden bowls ArrowValue notes
sauna scoop <1 0? <=1 build your own sauna
hunting horn 8 1 "you produce a fancy sound" (totally worth it!)
Grainflail 16 2 leaves+seeds from plants (1)
Raft 80 40 10

(1) Grainflail is needed to get usable leaves+seeds from plants harvested using agriculture skill. Craftable, but needs leather.

Common Weapons Edit

item Value  lbs   Wooden bowls BuyArrowValue Torch notes
Arrow 4 0.1
Small Knife 24 1 3 55?
Shortbow 40 2 10
Knife 48 1 6 S12 110? buy a knife for 12arrows
Handaxe 112 3 14 staff/stake
Carving Axe 144 4.5 18 walls/crafting
Hunting Knife 160 2 20
Woodsman's Axe 160 6 20 fell/blocks
Splitting Axe 200 6 25 boards/firewood
Broad Axe 240 8.5 30 walls/logs
Crossbow 320 6 72approx Buy for 23arrows is 3 times to little
Spear 344 4 4lbs

For a more detailed list See Weapons

Clothing and ArmourEdit

See Clothing


All values in the table below will vary depending on the size of animals / time of year.

Animal  Yields when butchered  Fur weight Fat   Notes
Squirrel 1cut 1lbs
Human 50cuts None
Stag 120cuts 15-22lbs
Reindeer 80-150 cuts + 9 lbs fur 9lbs

Animal Value Price (wooden bowls) Can carry Yields when butchered Notes
Sheep 96? 12 wb 24 lbs Gives milk
Ram 132? 16.5 wb 33 lbs 32 cuts + 4 lbs fur
Dog 328? 41 wb 3145 lbs Helps hunting
Pig 360? 45 wb 86 lbs 79cuts +3 lbs leather
Reindeer 424? 53wb 128lbs 117 cuts + 9 lbs fur
Cow 640? 80wb 170lbs 170cuts + 18lbs leather Gives milk
Bull 1200? 150wb 360lbs 330cuts +22lbs leather

value guess based on 1 bowl = 8value, 1 arrow=4

Animal FursEdit

Animal Weight Value Value /Weight ArrowVal Difficulty   Notes
Squirrel 1 6V 6V 2A
Hare 15V
Badger 2 29V 1V/lbs Fur based
Fox 0.7 78V 111V/lbs 20A
Elk 22 160V 7V/lbs 40A
Forest Reindeer 10
Stag 22 128V 6V/lbs
Lynx 3 360V 120V/lbs 90A Very Dangerous 1 hit kill
  • Version 3.18 Value= Roasted Cuts theoritical value, ArrowValue= # of arrows to buy it
  • Legend C or V=(Meat) Cuts Value; A=ArrowValue

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