see also Trade , Clothing

Price chart from 2007 . Most prices are still up to date. But fish, meat and some handcrafted stuff has changed. For example the staff was worth 10 and is now 1.

All fish is worth 0.75 (v 3.14/Windows)
It will be changed with the next update. Than the price of fish will be connected to its weight and nutrition.

Meat cuts are worth around 1.
More nutritious meat has a higher price.
e.g. Bear meat ( circa 1 ) is more valueable than reindeer meat ( circa 0.85).

popular currencies as of v3.14 are cuts of meat, torches and fur footwear (worth around 12 torches)

tipp : don't forget that you can trade with people directly, f3 to look what they have, e.g. in the common room at nighttime, hunters often have interesting weapons such as bows. Or 24 arrows for 1 fur footwear... [v315]Note: the quality of fur and leather now come into question. Harsh fur footwear may find few buyers T__T.



fur footwear+torches

meat cuts notes
pot 1 torch (v3.14) ? cooking
net 6 torches (v3.14) ? fishing
punt 4 torches (v3.14) ? travel on water
fur cloak 4 torches (v3.14) ? cheap source of fur/cloth
Handaxe 8 torches (v3.14) ? staff/stake
Woodsman's Axe 12 torches (v3.14) ? fell/blocks
Carving Axe 9 torches (v3.14) ? walls/crafting
Broad Axe 14 torches (v3.14) ? walls/logs
Splitting Axe 7 torches (v3.14) ? boards/firewood
bag of rye flour 9 torches (v3.14) ? porridge/bread
bag of barley flour 10 torches (v3.14) ? porridge/bread (12lbs)
bag of rye grains 4 torches (v3.14) ? seed porridge
wollen footrags 2 torches (v3.14) ? in addition to shoes in winter
salt (4 lbs) 11 torches (v3.14) ? preserving food
grainflail 2 torches (v3.14) ? leaves+seeds from plants (1)
hunting horn 3 torches (v3.14) ? "you produce a fancy sound" (totally worth it!)
skin 2 torches (v3.14) ? soup/water container, trade by talking to hunter in village

(1) Grainflail is needed to get usable leaves+seeds from plants harvested using agriculture skill. Craftable, but needs leather.


see also Weapons (blunt/edge/point)


fur footwear+torches

meat cuts notes
Heavy Crossbow 8 torches (v3.14) ? strong first hit (0/0/9) and range, but slow reload
Northern Bow ? ? strong bow (0/0/8) 3lbs
Longbow 7 torches (v3.14) strong bow (0/0/8) 4lbs
Hunting Bow 6 torches (v3.14) ? strong bow (0/0/7) 4lbs
22 Arrows 1 fur footwear OR 12 torches (v3.14) personal trade with hunters/woodsmen in villages
Hunting Knife 4 torches (v3.14) ? strong&light knife (2/2/5) 2lbs
Bastard Sword 1 fur footwear + 9 torches (v3.14) ? strong sword (4/6/4)
Battlesword 2 fur footwear + 4 torches (v3.14) ? strongest sword (5/8/4)
Northern Spear ? ? strong spear (4/0/8)
Kaumolais Spear 9 torches (v3.14) ? strong spear (4/4/8)
Ango 8 torches (v3.14) ? strong spear (3/0/8)
Battleaxe 1 fur footwear OR 12 torches (v3.14) ? strongest axe (6/9/6)
Maul 3 torches (v3.14) ? strong club (5/0/0)
Roundshield 5 torches (v3.14) ? defense bonus (2/0/0) (1)

(1) shields: according to ingame help v3.14 shields may be damaged during blocking, so get more than one if you want to use them regularly

Mail and iron armorEdit

see also Clothing for properties


fur footwear+torches

meat cuts notes
long mail hauberk 8 fur footwear + 12 torches (v3.14) ? torso + upper arms and legs + knees
short mail hauberk 8 fur footwear + 7 torches (v3.14) ? torso + upper arms and legs
mail leggings 6 fur footwear + 10 torches (v3.14) ? upper&lower legs + groin
mail mittens 7 torches (v3.14) ? hands only
iron greathelm 2 fur footwear + 3 torches (v3.14) ? head and face
iron halfhelm 1 fur footwear (v3.14) ? head but not face
iron breastplate 3 fur footwear (v3.14) (or 2f + 12t) ? torso, but no arms
iron curiass 5 fur footwear + 12 torches (v3.14) ? torso, but no arms (same area as breastplate)
iron coudes 6 torches (v3.14) ? elbows only
iron kneecops 9 torches (v3.14) ? knees only
iron rerebraces 8 fur footwear + 6 torches (v3.14) ? upper arms but not shoulder and elbow
iron vambraces 1 fur footwear + 3 torches (v3.14) ? lower arms but not shoulder and elbow
iron greaves 2 fur footwear + 12 torches (v3.14) ? lower legs but not knees or feet



fur footwear+torches

meat cuts notes
sheep 15 torches (v3.14) 68 (v3.14) can be milked
dog 9 torches (v3.14) ? hunting/fighting
ram 2 fur footwear + 2 torches (v3.14) ? male sheep
cow 5 fur footwear + 6 torches (v3.14) ? gives milk and carries 100 lb
pig 3 fur footwear + 8 torches (v3.14) ? meat and leather

(Disclaimer: None of the above prices are correct as of v3.16)

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