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While not as filling as the other types of food, plants are plentiful in the right seasons and much less risky to get. Two common types of plants found in the game are Mushrooms and Crops. The differences between Mushrooms and Crops is crops provide better nutrition and can be grown with Agriculture, however there is more types of mushrooms and they can typically be found in greater numbers. However, one of the major disadvantages of eating mushrooms is that some are poisonous and may cause death.

Other plants available are Berries which can be foraged, and herbs that can be used as seasoning in different meals and for healing.

Many villages grow crops, although the inhabitants will not like you taking their plants. In the wild, the most common plant you will find is Yellow fingers mushrooms.

List of CropsEdit

Name Carbs Fat Protein


Time to

Harvest (first)



Barley 64 2 7 0.1 110 days May Aug 19 September Seeds, Barley Grains
Broad Beans 19 0 8 0.5 110 days April Jul 20 November Broad Bean Pods
Hemp 8 10 24 0.1 130 days April Aug 9 October Seeds, Hemp Leaves


12 1 6 0.5 90 days May Jul 30 September Pea Pods
Rye 55 2 9 0.1 120 days May Aug 29 September* Seeds, Rye Grains
Turnip 7 0 1 N/A 55 days May Jun 25 September Seeds, Turnip Roots
** Multiplier to plant (not seed) nutrition after threshing.

 Several Herbs also produce seeds and leaves.

List of MushroomsEdit

Name Poison Safe after cooking? Growing seasons*

Where? (Biome, Tree Types)

Browncoat mushroom None Yes September - November
  • Conifereous Forests, Heathland, Pine Forests
  • Pine, Spruce
Ukko's mushroom None Yes August - October
  • Groves, Meadows, Settlements, Roads
Yellowcoat mushroom None Yes June - November
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Heathland
  • Birch, Young Birch, Young Pine
Yellow fingers mushroom None Yes April - July
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Meadows
Hairy mushroom Irritating Yes August - October
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Meadows, Spruce Mires
  • Birch, Young Birch
Ringed mushroom Irritating Yes August - September
  • Groves, Meadows
Soft mushroom Irritating Yes May - July
  • Groves, Meadows
Bearpaw mushroom


Yes August - November
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Settlements, Spruce Mires
Tellervo's gift mushroom Poisonous Yes September - December
  • Heathland, Pine Forests, Pine Mires
Redlegger mushroom Poisonous NO August - November
  • Heathland, Lichenous Pine Forests, Pine Forests
Noadi's mushroom Hallucinatory Hallucinatory June - October
  • Conifereous Forests, Groves, Heathland, Meadows, Pine or Spruce Mires, Settlements
  • Pine, Young Pine, Birch, Young Birch
Black ear mushroom Deadly Yes** April - July
  • Heathland, Lichenous Pine Forests, Pine Forests
Sand mushroom Deadly NO June - October
  • Conifereous Forests, Heathland, Pine Forests
* Mushrooms begin sprouting in the first month, and will start withering in the last month. Time to harvest depends on individual mushroom species.
** Does not appear poisonous after cooked in the raws but was previously marked as such; testing required.

However, it should be noted a character cannot survive solely on plants due to their low nutrition value when raw, so processing plants will be more beneficial for your survival.

List of BerriesEdit

Name Carbs Fat Protein Water Growing time Growing seasons

Found in:

Blueberry 6 1 1 70 95 days May - September Coniferous/spruce forests, Heathlands, Pine Forests, Spruce Mires
Cloudberry 8 1 2 60 95 days June - November Open, Pine, and Spruce Mires
Cranberry 4 1 0 80 70 days August - December Open, Pine, and Spruce Mires


7 1 0 20 95 days June - November Heathland, Pine Forests
Northern bilberry 3 0 1 80 95 days May - September Heathland, Pine Forests, Pine Mires
Raspberry 4 1 1 80 60 days May - September Groves, Mountainous/Rocky Regions, Open Areas
Strawberry 9 0 0 10 60 days May - August Coniferous/Spruce Forests, Groves, Meadows
Black Currant 8 0 1 60 100 May-September clearing, lichenous pine, grove, settlement
Crowberry 6 0 1 90 60 April-August cliff, heathland, pine mire

List of HerbsEdit

Some herbs can be used as seasoning while others have healing properties.

Name carbs fat protein uses


Time to Harvest Sprout

Harvest (first)

Wither found
Golden rod 1 0 0 raw: stops bleeding, boiled: good vs common cold ? Flowers, Leaves 60 days June Jul 31 September cliff clearing fresh dry grove
Heather 1 0 0 raw: wound disinfect, boiled: sedative& good vs poisoning? Flowers 65 days May Jul 4 November cliff pine-mire dry
Meadsweet 1 0 0

spice?, anti-pain? warming herbal beverage in winter?

Flowers, Leaves 45 days June Jul 15 September

banks of rivers, lakes

spruce-mire open-mire grove meadow wetland

Nettle 2 1 6 raw: stops bleeding, boiled: good vs influenza?, herbal beverage Leaves, Seeds 50 days June Jul 20 September

grove meadow settlement clearing roads

Sorrel 2 0 2 food preparation?, appetizing Leaves, Seeds 45 days June Jul 15 October cliff meadow settlement clearing
Yarrow 0 0 0 raw&boiled: wound treatment, herbal beverage Leaves, first Flowers,

later Seeds

50 days June Jul 20 October streets between villages, meadow settlement clearing

New Herbs(3.15)

Name Carbs Fat Protein Uses Produces Time to Harvest Sprout

Harvest (first)

Wither Found
Milkweed 19 2


Eaten; restores diet


Applied; Stops bleed, good vs; Inflamation, Infection, Burns

Roots, Leaves,


? Summer? ? ? ?
Burdock 20 2 4

Raw; ?

Boiled; ?

Applied; cleans & disinfects wounds, ?

Leaves, roots

? Summer? ? ? ?
Stonecrop 8 0 1

Raw; edible

Applied; stops bleed, good vs; infection, burns

Leaves ? Summer? ? ? Mountains
Bearpipe 25 0 0

Raw and boiled it provides an energy boost similar to coffee, within an hour of drinking. The amount drunk does not factor into it, tiredness will be reset to "Lively". Roots have the same effect, even when added to soups etc.

leaves, flower, roots, bearpipe

? Summer? ? ? ?
Dogpipe 15 0 0 Boiled: restores diet leaves, roots
Wolfpipe 15 0 0

Raw: Poisonous Boiled: poisonous

leaves, roots
Motherpipe 35 0 0

Raw: edible

Boiled: removes toxins, helps against fevers

Leaves, Flowers, roots ? ? ? ? ?
Waterlily 15 0 0 poisonous, not removed by cooking
Riverpig 15 0 0 poisonous, not removed by cooking
Clayweed 40 4 13 none

leaves, seeds.

noseed_nutrition =0.2

Bogbean 40 3 5

Raw: edible

Increases appetite, restores after poor diet

Can be ground into flour.

Leaves, roots
Marsh calla 40 3 5

Raw; irritating

Boiled: edible

Leaves, roots
Lake reed 55 0 5 none, but the raw root counts as a vegetable for cookery, and can be ground in flour. roots
Roseroot 14 0 1

Raw: edible

Boiled; reduces pain. restores health in long standing conditions / bodily disorders

Roots, Leaves ? ? ? ? ?
Bog flower 8 0 1 poisonous, not removed by cooking leaves

in game encyclopedia images of new herbs:

List of other plantsEdit

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