The northern spear is a a two-handed weapon that can be thrown, with hit chance and damage determined by the Spear combat skill.  It can be used for fishing, and functions as a ski stick when wielded as either primary or secondary weapon.

This is arguably the most useful of the spear-type weapons, given its strong Point damage combined with the ability to use it effectively while skiing.  However, fine and masterwork quality northern weapons are incredibly rare or non-existant in the current version (3.17).  Maximum damage output from a Spear-trained character may require a different choice.

A new character from any of the northern tribes has a good chance of starting with a northern spear.

Blunt Edge Point Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Weight Value
4 N/A 8 Decent Little 7 lbs 360

The northern spear has a long, sharp blade and it is used in hunting. It also has a special cross-piece usually in the dull end of the shaft, so that the spear can be used as a ski stick. 

- Game Encyclopedia

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