Nettle is a kind of edible herb, often found in groves and settlements.


ready to harvest Nettle

Many NPCs in the game will be found wearing nettle clothing, however, you cannot make cloth from nettles yourself without modding the game. Rain's Cloth Mod allows you to use nettle to make nettle clothings.

Nettle is one of the more nutritious herbs, and can be harvested and threshed for seeds which can be planted.

Carbs Fat Protein Produces Growing time Growing months Found in
2 1 6 Leaves, seeds 50 days June-September Grove,meadow,settlement, clearing

Herb effectsEdit


When consumed, cooked or raw, nettle is a:

  • tonic

When boiled, nettle is a:

  • pectoral

When applied to wounds, nettle is an:

  • astringent

In real lifeEdit

Stinging nettle

A photograph of a stinging nettle.

Nettle is almost certainly Urtica dioica or stinging nettle, a well-known plant that grows throughout the northern hemisphere. It grows tall stems which are covered in small stinging spines, but these can be removed by cooking. It used to be commonly used as food or for making clothing, but now is usually considered a weed.

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