Image of a couple of nets in the game. Note the distance from the shore.

Nets are useful tools for fishing. They function like a trap for fishing; one simply needs to set a net with the fishing skill menu and leave it for a few days, then come back to check it. Fish are usually caught after 2 days of leaving the net out. However, leaving it for slightly longer than 2 days causes the fish inside to rot, forcing the player to reset the trap. Nets can catch many low-quality fish such as roaches or perches, with one or two larger fish like salmon or trout. Net set on the shore catch smaller fishes of larger quantity, but set on water catch more bigger fishes of lower quantity. Mininum set time is about one day, with approriate rituals, water condition, and skill.

Nets cannot be made by the player, only purchased, usually from fishing equipment stores or general stores. When trading for nets, be sure to carry extra trade goods as nets are vastly more valuable than fishing rods. Player will also start with 2 nets if he chooses the starting story of "I want to be a fisherman." This makes it extremely useful, since nets are usually the only thing you will need to get an abundance of food at the start.


  • Nets can be set on top of each other, making it easier and faster to collect your fish. This doesn't affect how many fish you catch.
  • Nets set in the rapids are more likely to catch bigger fish.

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