Lynxes are another form of small game. They are very aggressive and dangerous, dealing primarily Tearing damage. You can die from a single attack from these ferocious felines. Lynx furs are worth more to foreign traders. As they are felines, a character suffering from ailurophobia would have been affected when meeting a lynx in older game versions, although the phobia system has been phased out as of version 3.16.

In more recent releases, lynxes have become considerably less dangerous, being more likely to flee than attack. If pursued, lynxes do not leave easy tracks to follow, if at all. They have a tendency of circling back on their own tracks and running in irregular, extended zigzagged patterns, making tracking difficult even in the snow. These patterns of movement make lynxes tire more quickly over short distances, however, and makes running after lynxes surprisingly easy in terrain with open sight lines.

The give around 17 lb of nutrient poor meat cuts and 2 lb of lynx skin.

Sartolais villages may sell lynx fur.

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