The light spear is one of the weakest spear weapons, but it is still quite versatile.  It can be wielded as a one-handed melee weapon or thrown, and is the only spear other than the Kaumolais spear capable of inflicting Edge damage.  It can also be used to fish.

As of version 3.15, light spears are available only through trading.  Prior to this, they could be crafted from one wooden staff, a knife (consumed by the crafting recipe) and one piece of tying equipment.

Blunt Edge Point Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Weight Value
1 4 2 Little Little 4 lbs 48

"A light version of a regular spear.  It's a light, not very effective and fragile weapon but good basic weapon, cheap and easy to make.  Light spear can be made by fastening a knife into the staff with a cord, rope etc."

- Game Encyclopedia

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