Kuikka-Tribe VillagesEdit

These small and widely-spread villages are made up of huts and animal pens. There are no shops, but there are plenty of reindeer herds from which you can buy an animal, and you can trade with the local hunters for hunting and trapping gear. They can be found on Inland maps (in the north) and Northern maps (in the east).

Playing a Kuikka CharacterEdit

Possible Starting Rituals:Hunting Incantation, General Sacrifice
Possible Starting Equipment:Knife, Spear, 3-4 articles of clothing, 2-4 pieces of bread
Starting skills Bonuses:best Bow (+1), Herblore (+1), best Fishing (+1), Tracking (+1), 2nd best Trapping (+1), Hideworking (+1), 2nd best Carpentry (+1), Ritual (+1), best Physician (+1), Survival (+1), Weatherlore (+1), best Climbing (+1), best Stealth (+1)
Starting skills Penalties:Sword (-2), Axe (-1), worst Crossbow (-2), worst Flail (-2), worst Shield (-2), Agriculture (-1), worst Timbercraft (-1), Building (-1), Swimming (-1)

Kuikka-tribe characters are innately decent fishermen, which makes them an excellent choice for newer players who are not entirely comfortable with hunting just yet. Being able to navigate smaller bodies of water without having to waste materials on rafts also makes getting around much easier early game.

Unfortunately, they are predominately lithe in their build, meaning they do not tolerate starvation very well, but are excellent combat with Bows.

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