Owl Tribe Kota

A kota is a circular tent used by the Northern peoples (Owl-Tribe, Kuikka-tribe, Seal-Tribe) as homes in their villages or bases for their hunting camps.

It consists of a framework of slender tree trunks which hold up leather or furs from various large game, which then serve to keep the elements out. Kota usually have a fire in the center of the tent to help warm its occupants.

Unlike traditional wooden buildings, Kota are easy to create and quick to disassemble, making them ideal for temporary hunting camps or nomadic peoples. Unfortunately, they do not retain warmth in winter unless the covering used for them is fur (not leather), and fireplaces and sleeping bunks may not be built inside of them.

Starting with The Village scenario will sometimes place you in front of a 2x2 empty kota instead of an actual village.

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