- For the weapon item, not the category, see knife.

Knives are versatile tools and weapons that are required for success in many of the tasks you will face in the wilderness.  There are many kinds of knife, each with different weights and combat characteristics.  They can be used in all crafting recipes that require a generic cutting weapon, although they are not always the ideal choice.  Knives themselves cannot be crafted and are only acquired through trade.

Any good hunter will always carry at least one knife to skin and cut meat from animal carcasses.  Knives are also useful in carpentry, cookery and making clothing from hides.  They make quick work of stripping branches, spruce twigs and bark, and they are capable of felling small trees to make slender tree trunks.

Knives can be used as one-handed melee weapons, but they are generally among the weakest choices with the shortest range.  However, knives can cause dangerous bleeding wounds, especially the hunting knife.  Although it is suboptimal and requires decent Stealth, you can do well in combat with only a knife by sneaking up behind enemies or killing them in their sleep.  It is possible to kill an enemy in a single attack by surprising them like this.  Throwing most knives at an enemy is not recommended, excepting the throwing knife.

Many forms of knife are available with differing quality types.  Masterwork quality knives impart a bonus whenever they are used, and are well-worth seeking out.

All new characters will begin the game with some form of knife in their inventory.

Item Blunt Edge Point Weight
Broad Knife 1 2 4 2 lbs.
Dagger 0 2 4 1 lbs.
Fisher's Knife 1 2 4 2 lbs.
Hunting Knife 2 2 5 2 lbs.
Kaumolais Knife 2 2 5 3 lbs.
Knife 0 1 3 1 lbs.
Northern Knife 1 2 4 2 lbs.
Skramasaksi 2 3 5 3 lbs.
Small Knife 0 1 2 1 lbs.
Throwing Knife 0 N/A 3 1 lbs.

Prior to version 3.15, knives would become worn down over time, and could be damaged or broken if thrown.  They were also consumed in the now removed light spear crafting recipe.

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