Kaumolainen VillagesEdit

These small villages are made up of a few wooden buildings and some animal pens. There are no shops, but there may be animals for sale, and you can trade with the local hunters for hunting and trapping gear. There may be a few scattered fields near a village. They can be found to the east of the world map, often quite near the njerpez lands.

Playing a Kaumolainen CharacterEdit

Possible Starting Rituals:Request to Catch a Fox, Hunting Incantation, Permission to Fell a Tree
Possible Starting Equipment:Kaumolais spear, Kaumolais knife, Hunting Bow, Arrows, Cord, Bread, Roasted Meat
Starting skills Bonuses:Ritual, Survival, Building, Climbing, Dodge, Dagger, Club, Unarmed, Spear, Sword, Timbercraft
Starting skills Penalties:No woodcrafting, no foraging, no swimming

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