The Kaumolais spear is important to the culture of the Kaumolaiset peoples.  It is a potent two-handed spear-type weapon that can be thrown and used for fishing.  Its combat effectiveness is based on the user's Spear skill.  This spear is similar to the northern spear, but it is slightly more accurate and capable of inflicting Edge damage, rather than being useful while skiing.

A Kaumolais character will always start with at least one of their tribe's sacred weapons, a Kaumolais spear or Kaumolais knife.  These weapons are also rarely available in Driikiläis shops.

Blunt Edge Point Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Weight Value
4 4 8 Good Little 7 lbs 400

Kaumolais spear is designed for efficient close-combat. The spear has a pointed, longish iron blade. Immediately behind the blade is a "haitta", a cross-piece, which prevents the blade from thrusting too deep - thus several fierce blows can be dealt rapidly one after one.

- Game Encyclopedia

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