Javelins are light-weight and easily-crafted spear-type weapons especially suited for throwing attacks. They can be used as one-handed melee weapons. Hit chance and damage depend upon the Spear skill. Javelins can also be used to fish, though not to much effect.

As the spear with the lowest blunt damage, it is an effective weapon for training with sufficient point damage that it can still be used to deadly effect if things start to turn against you.

A javelin is made from one staff, sharpened with a cutting weapon (a handaxe being ideal) and hardened over a fire or burned-down embers.

Blunt Edge Point Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Weight Value
2 N/A 6 Decent Very little 3 lbs 2

"A light spear balanced to be thrown as a missile weapon. They can be used in melee combat, but their light and thin shafts make them more fragile."

- Game Encyclopedia