Injuries will lower both your character's mobility and also, until they heal, their mastery of any physical skills. If the injury penalty is -12% and their sword skill level is 42%, the effective skill level is 30%.

There are plenty of ways to become injured in the Unreal World, not only during combat but also while climbing trees and steep terrain, skiing, or simply being out too long in the cold. Your character may also catch the flu if sleeping too much on the cold ground - or even a plague if traveling through a region where a plague has broken out. Eating some mushrooms raw might result in nausea or stomach-ache, while others may even result in lethal poisoning.

A player should quickly, after being injured, try to heal him/herself using the physician skill while the wound is still fresh. When the injury is no longer fresh the character can't do anything about it. However, talking to a Sage will give the option to ask for healing. This is done for free and might speed up the natural healing process. Most injuries will heal themselves over time, but some may actually get worse before getting better... if the character doesn't die first.

Serious cuts may get opened and cause bleeding during the cause of treatment.

Rituals like Blood-Staunching Prayer increase Physician skill to 95, and Blood-Staunching Incantation immediately stop bleeding to prevent blood loss.

Types of injuries:Edit

  • Bruise
  • Fracture
  • Crush
  • Shallow, Serious and Deep cut
  • Minor, Serious and Deep puncture
  • Minor, Serious and Grievous burn
  • Minor frost, Frostbite and Severe frostbite
  • Shallow tear, Serious and Grievous bite
  • Influenza
  • Plague
  • Nausea
  • Stomach-ache
  • Nausea and altered consciousness
  • Poisoning and Deadly poisoning
  • Frostbite

Treatment of Serious InjuriesEdit

First step is to prevent bleeding if it exist. Using Incantation if you know.

Try to get Sage's blessing during the course of treatment everyday if you can. Check the color of the wound: after blessing it should change color for the better level.

Using Prayer to get Physician skill to level 95. Checking this skill before each treatment to ensure you heal the wound with your top skill level. Pray again if necessary.

Drop your bandages on the ground as treatment can check it that way.

Carry only container of water and herbs with you only, for treatment. Apply bandages etc...

Make herbal beverage of the correct plants. I am unsure how much it help, but serious injuries are serious. you need all the help you can.

Deep cuts are in need of the following plants with abilities: antiseptic (clean wounds: heather) anti-microbial (BurdockYarrow) astringent (topical for bleeding and form barrier :  Milkweed,  Stonecrop,  Nettle, Yarrow, Golden rod

Need further data on treating serious injuries and best herbs for which type of injuries.

For severe frostbite, it's recommend after treatment to keep the afflicted area warm at green level. Stay indoor if necessary.