Herbs are a new type of flora, added in 3.13. Some can be grown, though all can be found growing wild. Some herbs can be used as seasoning while others have healing properties. Plantable: Sorrels, Yarrows, Nettles all later than 20th of May.

cooking skill : "boil / herbal beverage" can be used to create herbal beverages.

Those can consumed directly by used q/quaff(drink) rather than "eat".

Herbal beverages can also be used as seasoning in a soup or similar recipe.

List of herbsEdit

List of herb effectsEdit

  • alterative=long term disorder
  • analgesic=painkiller
Roseroot, Meadsweet

  • antiemetic=stop vomit

  • antiseptic=clean wounds

  • anti-catarrhal=no actual effect in game yet in 3.16
Burdock, Golden rod

  • anti-inflammatory=self explained
Bogbean, Milkweed, Yarrow, Meadsweet, Golden rod

  • anti-microbial=self explained
Burdock, Yarrow

  • appetizing=self explained
Motherpipe, Bearpipe, Bogbean, Sorrel

  • astringent=topical for bleeding and form barrier
Milkweed, Stonecrop, Nettle, Yarrow, Golden rod

  • carminative=no actual effect in game yet in 3.16
Motherpipe, Bearpipe

  • depurative=clean toxin in blood
Burdock, Heather

  • diaphoretic=sweat for remove toxin
Motherpipe, Bearpipe, Burdock, Yarrow, Golden rod, Heather

  • gut_irritating=mild poisonous+irritates
Marsh calla

  • pectoral=strengthen lungs and chest disorder
Motherpipe, Bearpipe, Nettle, Heather

  • poisonous=self explained
Wolfpipe, Waterlily, Riverpig, Bog flower

  • sedative=anti-depressant+hypnotics
Milkweed, Heather

  • stimulant=increase physical activity
Motherpipe, Bearpipe

  • stomachic=no actual effect in game yet in 3.16
Bearpipe, Bogbean

  • refrigerant=against fever
Burdock, Sorrel

  • tonic=nourishment
Motherpipe, Bearpipe, Dogpipe, Bogbean, Milkweed, Nettle

  • vulnerary=prevent fester


New herbs (1.15)Edit


Name Effect Produces Sprout Mature Wither Found in Known by (from beggining)  Most common location(s) Notes

Mother pipe


flowers (july)

April 90 days October wetland, grove, meadow Kui, Owl, Seal ...
Bear pipe

leaves, roots

flowers (july)

April 90 days October wetland, grove, meadow, clearing, spruce mire Kui, Owl, Seal Roots are edible raw

Dog pipe

leaves, roots May 45 days September field, grove, meadow, clearing, settlement Dri Roots are edible raw
Wolf pipe poisonous leaves, roots¹ May 45 days September field, clearing Dri
Water lily poisonous ? May 35 days August pond Kau, Kie, Ree Eastern, Western Symbiosis with shallow water²
Riverpig poisonous ? May 35 days August pond, river Sar, Kie Eastern, Wester Symbiosis with shallow water²
Clayweed seeds, leaves May 90 days October settlement, field Kie, Ree, Koi, Sar, Dri
Bogbean leaves, roots May 45 days September spruce mire, open mire - Northern Roots can be ground for flour; symbiosis with water soil²
Marsh calla leaves, roots May 45 days September spruce mire, open mire - Northern Roots can be ground for flour; symbiosis with water soil²

Lake reed

roots May 70 days September lake Isl, Dri, Kie Eastern, Western Roots can be ground for flour; symbiosis with shallow water²


leaves, roots May 70 days September clearing, cliff, grove, dry all


leaves, roots May 70 days October clearing, settlement, field - Western


leaves May 45 days September cliff, meadow, clearing, moutain Dri, Koi, Isl, Kui, Owl Western Symbiosis with rocky terrain²


leaves, roots¹ May 65 days September cliff, moutain Kui, Owl, Seal

Bog flower

poisonous leaves May 45 days August open mire, pine mire, pond - Northern

¹ not verified

² A plant with symbiosis will only appear near that terrain or feature

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