Heather parts

Heather. From left to right: the flowering plant, picked stems, and flowers.

Heather is a kind of herb, often found near cliffs and and pine mires. It has distinctive pink flowers.

Carbs Fat Protein Produces Growing time Growing months Found in
1 0 0 Flowers 65 days May-August Cliff,Pine-mire,Dry

Herb effectsEdit


When boiled, heather is an:

  • diaphoretic
  • pectoral
  • sedative
  • depurative

When applied to wounds, heather is an:

  • antiseptic

In real lifeEdit

Common heather

A photograph of common heather.

Heather is probably based on Calluna vulgaris, or common heather, a low growing shrub commonly found on hills and moors, with purple, pink or white flowers and a pleasant scent when crushed.

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