The grey seal can be found on coastal areas, particularly in the north and can sometimes be found alongside the smaller ringed seals. They are easy to hunt so long as you catch them on the shore and have a weapon capable of injuring them enough that they cannot escape back into the water before the finishing blow is struck. They are passive to the player up until he kills a seal. After that the seals seem to fear the player.

Because grey seals prefer rocky terrain close to the water, certain types of traps will be more limited in their placement. Pits cannot be dug into base rock meaning trap pits and staked trap pits can only be placed near or around the seal's resting areas in diggable ground, and because seals never stray far from the water, traps placed further inland will be ignored. Seals do not appear to be attracted to any type of bait as of yet.

The seals yield grey seal fur, which the Foreign Traders will purchase. They also yield a considerable amount of fat which is best used either tanning other furs or making soups and stews. There is typically so much fat produced by each seal that if multiple kills have been made, the fat will all spoil before it can be made use of in its raw form.

While grey seal fur is valuable, it does not provide much warmth or protection when made into clothing compared to more easily acquired reindeer or elk fur.

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