Furs are a product of tanning fresh animal skin.

They can be used as crafting materials, blankets, and in trading.

Foreign traders come to Finland to buy furs (and nothing else). They look for only the most valuable ones, like fox fur.

Quality Edit

There are five qualities (from best to worst) for fur:

  • superior
  • fine
  • decent (it just reads "fur" instead of "fine/etc. fur")
  • harsh
  • ragged

Note: According to Sami (the developer), quality is only important for the trade value and not in crafting (sources: Sami on fur qualityThread on quality)


The values of furs for trading has no correlation with the usefulness of furs for player crafting. Fox fur is extremely valuable for traders in contrast to bear fur, which is warmest of all furs.

Example: In v3.14 an inferior bear fur (21 lb) is less valuable than a normal fox fur (<1 lb) to foreign traders.

Animals Edit

Bear fur provides the best protection against piercing damage, making it the best material for clothing to wear when you fight NPCs.

These animals provide fur:

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