Forest reindeer are a common sight in Unreal World. They travel in herds of around 8 individuals. They usually respond to the player by fleeing, but in some instances will attack the player, sometimes without becoming aggressive first if the player is close enough. Some tribes in the north (e.g. Kuikka-Tribe) domesticate them, and sell them to the player.
Forest reindeer are usually the prey targeted by trap-fences, as they are easily funneled into trap pits. A mid-sized forest reindeer yields around 150 lbs of meat (small ones about 80 lbs), and about 9 lbs of hide. The hide takes up to 4 days to tan, depending on the weather. Unique among the large prey animals, most reindeer are small enough that their corpse can actually be carried around intact by even relatively small characters should the need arise to move it.

If the leader of the herd is killed, the rest of the herd will usually wander around the area for days on end, not moving on and generally being easy pickings for any predators and hunters that wander by.

Reindeer calves can occasionally be found following their mothers. They provide little meat and are generally not worth the time of an established hunter to kill.

Domesticated (bought) Reindeer yield the same amount of meat and hide as wild ones. They have a carry capacity of 94 pounds (tested with rocks)(3.15)