Flour is a cooking ingredient. It can be made by grinding the seeds or roots or certain plants. It can also be found in bakery or granary shops in villages. It needs to be kept in a container such as a Bag or a Wooden tub.

Flour cannot be eaten raw, but it is used to make flatbread, porridge, and is an optional ingredient in some soups.

It is worth noting that flour does not spoil (1), and can thus be used as an "emergency food store". This is not true for the foods made from it however, so you should take care to not make too much at one time.

(1) flour spoils when made from spoiling items such as boiled marsh calla roots.

Plants that can be processed into flourEdit

The following items can usefully be ground (approximately ranked from the most nourishing to the least nourishing):

It is also technically possible to grind the following seeds, even though the resulting flour is so little nourishing as to be practically useless.

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