Flatbread is a food item made of flour. It is made with the cooking skill. They have to be made near a fire. Every five loaves consume 0.5 lbs of flour, 0.25 lbs of water and optionally 0.15 lbs of seasoning. A flatbread made without seasoning weighs 0.1 lbs (0.15 lbs with seasoning). A meat cut buys 2 flatbreads. Beware: a flatbread will spoil eventually. (Like all food)

Flatbreads are mildly nutritious foods, and will save a malnourished player from starvation. Depending on the flour used, eating 7 to 9 flatbreads is typically enough to refill the hunger bar and reach "good" nutrition status. Preparing them takes quite some time however, especially if one has to grind the grain.

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