Fire is one of the options in survival skills. It is one of the most important aspects of the game. It can be used to


keep you warm, cook food, and create a light source. It also heats javelins.

Making FireEdit

To create a fire go into the survival menu and select build a fire. A fire must be built on a wood source such as branches or twigs. (You do not need to actually see the wood heap to start a fire, which can help in dark Winter nights with zero visibility.)

Minimum Fuel RequiredEdit

The fewest branches/twigs you can use to build a fire is 13.

The Spread of FireEdit

It is possible for fire to spread, both to standing trees and to other piles of wood. This especially useful when preparing the ground for agriculture.

If uncontained in a fireplace, fire can also spread to your house, so be careful.

a Raw tree trunk can burn for over a day--davewave in april2010

"Birchwood, Pine and Spruce all burn equally and run out at the same time." --davewave in april2010

Time it takes to burn firewood in a fireplace. Seems to follow the following equation

Y = 8x + 10

this basically means that if you have 'x' blocks of firewood, it will take 'y' minutes to burn.

for example, 40 blocks of firewood takes 5 hours and 30 minutes game time to burn off. --davewave in april2010

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