Elk are a fairly common sight in UnReal World. They generally respond to the player by fleeing, but may occasionally attack. Elk is one of the most meat bearing animals in the game and hunting them is one of the safer ways of getting meat from large game it can also be fun to hunt them. When you encounter an Elk it is best to hide (H-key) and wait a few turns (period-key). If it is night most Elk will just simply fall asleep and you can sneak a few feet closer to get a good shot. Also if you manage to sneak all the way up to an elk and try to get a easy kill, it may not be and easy kill as Elk are very strong and have a very high damage threshold. Even a edged object as an axe may not kill the Elk with a swift blow to the skull or neck.

Occasionally, an elk can be found with a calf. While easy to kill on its own, the calf provides negligible amounts of meat and simply approaching the calf may anger its mother.

Stags are male elk.

When killed, the elk yields 22 lbs of elk-skin, around 3 lbs of fat, and 270-300 cuts of meat.

In Real Life Edit

The elk and stag referred to in Unreal World appear to be the Eurasian elk, commonly known as moose in North America.

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