Driikiläiset (Those Who Live In The Driik) live on the south-west coastal area.  They live in villages and towns, which are usually protected by walls, watchtowers and fortresses.  Driikiläiset are traders.  They send their ships abroad, they trade with inland peasants and with the fishermen of the archipelago.  From time to time Driikiläiset are attacked by foreign pirates and bandits who sometimes sail from a great distance to attack Driik coast.  Driikiläiset can be considered to be more organized than rest of the peoples of The UnReal World.  They have differentiated professions - merchants, soldiers, sailors and so on.  If needed, Driikiläiset can afford crossbows, metal armours, swords, battleaxes and full-metal shields.

- Game Encyclopedia

Driikiläis VillagesEdit

Fortified village

Fortified village

The Driikiläiset inhabit large villages made up of wooden buildings, many shops, and one or more animal pens. There are many fields near a village. Settlements may be very large, including as many as 4 individual villages.  Some of the villages have stone walls.

Shop Types: All types (Tool, Bow, Food, General, Fishing, Armor and Weapons).

Quality of Shop Items: decent/normal, fine, masterwork.

Playing a Driikiläis CharacterEdit

Possible Starting Rituals:General Sacrifice, Hunter's Request to Catch a Fox, Hunting Incantation, Banishing the Evil Water Guardian, Perrmission to fall a tree
Possible Starting Equipment:knife, axe, staff, crossbow, arrows, 3-5 clothing, 3-5 bread, meat
Starting skills Bonuses: 
Starting skills Penalties:No foraging, hideworking, tracking, wood carving, survival

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