Crops are one of the kinds of edible Plants in Unreal World. Typically found near settlements, crops can be grown by the player using the agriculture skill and seeds. Seeds can be obtained by threshing harvested plants, purchased rarely from stores, or obtained through course events or starting scenarios.

Crops can produce seeds, pods, leaves, grains, and roots. Seeds can be cooked or planted, pods can be threshed for plantable seeds or eaten, leaves can be cooked, grains must be threshed and can then be cooked or used for baking, and roots can be cooked or eaten. It's important to note that removing the seeds via threshing decreases the nutrition slightly, though this can be recovered if the seeds are eaten.

Some useful numbers to keep handy are that a 12 lb bag of grains or flour contains 60 handfuls (and thus will seed 60 tiles) and can keep a player fed for around a week.

List of CropsEdit

Name Carbs Fat Protein


Time to
Growing season


Barley 64 2 7 0.1 110 days May - September Seeds, Barley Grains
Broad Beans 19 0 8 0.5 110 days April - November Broad Bean Pods
Hemp 8 10 24 0.1 130 days April - October Seeds, Hemp Leaves


12 1 6 0.5 90 days May - September Pea Pods
Rye 55 2 9 0.1 120 days May - September* Seeds, Rye Grains
Turnip 7 0 1 N/A 55 days May - September Seeds, Turnip Roots
* Rye is bugged in the present version (3.14b and earlier) in that it matures too late and tends to wither before harvest. This has been fixed in the upcoming version.
** Multiplier to plant (not seed) nutrition after threshing.

also several Herbs are plantable: Sorrels, Yarrows, Nettles all later than 20th of May.

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