Common MistakesEdit

The game is not fool-proof, and there are a lot of possibilities for mistakes. Some of them may be deadly.

  • You cannot throw anything when you have two weapons/tools equipped.

This may be deadly when baiting a trap. As well as "Bait" option of create a trap, you can throw bait into the trap. Throwing requires direction, which, in case of a trap is direction towards the trap. If you have both hands full, throwing does not succeed, and if you press the direction key, expecting the according dialog, you'll walk into a trap. And trap pit with sharp stakes may be the end of you.

This mistake can also make you lose your prey. While you fumble through your belongings removing one of the weapons, prey might escape and you will have to chase it, which is not always possible, as not all animals leave tracks.

  • Enter means "All items" and "Currently selected topic"

You can give all your trade-able goods to a trader. Not really a problem, but it may happen and cost some additional time to reacquire barter currency like bowls.

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