Blunt Edge Point Attack bonus Defense bonus Weight Value
3 N/A N/A Decent Very little 3 lbs 2
The club is a very basic craftable weapon and is made from a slender tree trunk using a cutting weapon. Its simplicity allows a fine quality club to be produced with even rough tools. It is governed


by the club skill and does only minor blunt damage. While the base damage is low it's very easy to obtain. Furthermore, all cultures start out with 4 points in this skill and even with only average strength and dexterity most players will be able to wield a club with some efficiency.

Its low blunt damage, decent bonus and one-handed use to attack makes it an effective weapon to knock out animals caught in traps before an edged or piercing weapon is used to deliver a bleeding wound or to kill small animals like birds outright without doing too much damage to the skin.

The club is the preferred tool for the final step of tanning furs and leather.

Tip: Aim for the arms to force your opponent to drop their weapon. It seems to be especially effective with the club, to the point of being excessively cheap. When your opponent drops their weapon, it costs them their current action, plus they normally waste an action or two picking up the weapon and/or reequipping it.

Any one-handed club constructed primarily of wood or similar material. Clubs are peasent or outlaw weapons and are not usually made by weaponcrafters.

-Game encyclopedia

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